Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The same Conglomerate Runs Us Dude!!

Its said that you and only you can decide the course that your life takes,unless you have given up on life altogether.
But for being an architect of our destinies we should have the right to choose the raw materials, the timing of events that are to shape our life, our benefactors and partners.But we have the freedom to choose only the minor variables with absolutely no control over the important variables like raw materials our place of birth,time of birth,our parents,our siblings etc,timing if key events i.e death and birth of closed ones,'get lucky time'.
This reminds me of the Bard's saying that "The Whole World's a stage and we all are just actors,playing our part" in fact the truth is that we are 'mere puppets' with the strings firmly in the hands of the one whose whims and fancies are beyond comprehension though many claim to have comprehended and gained favors as a result of the succesful comprehension.
So am I a strong proponent of the 'Relax Sweety Life will newayz take its own course ' maxim?? NO but i do strongly believe that when we pass our noble judgements (if they be so)about people we do not know much about we should definitely be mindful of the fact that they are also a part of one of the puppet shows run by the conglomerate with the same working priniples that runs our puppet show.
Happy Swinging Ppl!!

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