Sunday, October 10, 2010

UK Ramblings

So I am in the quiet and serene kingdom, quiet as talking here seems to be bad manners and serene(ok lets give it to them on this one;-))

Landed here at 8 PM local time and 12:30 AM IST,it took me more than an hour to clear immigration as to put in the words of the annoying ‘recorded message lady’ security is the priority

The first signs that Asians are as much a part of England as the English themselves appeared when the cab driver who took us to the hotel from the airport spoke to us in silky Urdu n Punjabi(softer than Cadbury’s Silk chocolate)

The weather reminded me of Shimla,cold with the chilly wind poking u like needles(Thank God I was born In Shimla and have umpteen no of woolens)
I am currently staying in ‘Tudor Court’ a beautiful English house, resplendent with English glory, that has been converted into a small hotel. The place is run by an English couple Steve and Jennie, warm(unlike the English weather).My room has an English style bed(warm n cozy ) and a TV on which I watched the true English version of the Sherlock Holmes(loved it)

I was fasting yesterday so couldn’t eat anything(not that I’m a glutton neways) so the breakfast today tasted nothing less than manna, having English breakfast in England is out of the world, baked beans and potatoes, Mushroom (woooooooooo
The roads of Solhull(lovely hamlet) are wide, with trees on every imaginable side and people follow all the traffic rules here,99.9 % of the taxi drivers are Pakis(unusually warm) and united with the Asians in England in mocking the locals.
My office here is 15 mts from the hotel, the office complex is built of stone(almost 100% of the English buildings are).

The seating arrangement here is like it is in AHP foundation’s Sjp office ,people sit around a round table in groups of 6,no cubicles ,no walls all in the same big hall..

The pantry has a vending machine that supplies all kinds of ‘free’ coffee, chocolate milk and tea(that I’m still trying to figure out how to add more sugar is another story)

All the new joinees are taken around the office complex by Mandy, an English lady who seems to have become 1 with the walls of the building.

I have already started shopping with the visit to the Pound Store(everything for 1 pound ) that has some really neat deals.

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  1. You did it!!! I had been thinking to pen down my thoughts for so long that it appears be a distant thought now. I blame it on daily hustle and bustle, but thats my excuse anyways. Nice description Nik! Loved it.